About us

The creation of Gentlemen's Blend was the catalyst that started the infusion process that has expanded the Rx Smart Coffee product line into what it is today.

After receiving such incredible feedback from men using the product, we were inspired to develop a line of products designed to help people battle issues that plague us all, using only all-natural ingredients with no artificial additives. With your health in mind, we are driven to produce the most effective blends of coffee and herbs ever.

We are a company with a singular goal: develop the finest, purest, and highest quality products possible based on all natural substances that aid, support, and motivate a healthy lifestyle in the face of growing challenges to men, women, and children's health.

We seek to enrich, enhance and enable good health for those who use our products, in communities around the corner and accross the globe.

Make your coffee the healthiest thing on the menu.

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